Position Statement on the recent movements aimed at tarnishing our National Independence

The Eritrean Federalist Democratic Party:

Position Statement on the recent movements aimed at tarnishing our National Independence

We have been attentively observing the recent moves of some Ethiopian nationalist elements trailed by a handful of Eritrean advocates of unity with Ethiopia led by some academics such as Dr. Berekhet Habte Slasi and Dr. Tesfasyon Madhani. These elements have embarked on a campaign of organizing meetings, symposiums and concerts calling for the reversal of Eritrea’s independence and sovereignty and its subsequent annexation to Ethiopia under unwarranted Justifications such as “cultural, historical and religious similarities” between the two peoples.

 The justifications of “cultural, historical and religious” similarities advocated by  these elements as a validation to annex Eritrea to Ethiopia again, reflects the deliberate disregard, contempt or sickening ignorance  as regards the historical, cultural ,religious and ethnic diversity of the peoples of the region in general and the Eritrean and Ethiopian peoples in particular.

This apostasy movement, led by elements very well known for their dubious attitudes towards the independence and sovereignty of Eritrea, is a narrow- nationalist movement in its essence. It is not a call for peace and co-existence among peoples, even though its godfathers have attempted to cover it up with attractive slogans such as “peace and reconciliation between the peoples of Ethiopia and Eritrea “this apostasy movement is absolutely a project of war and instability, because, simply put, it    seeks to deprive the Eritrean people of their legitimate right to territorial integrity and national independence for which they have sacrificed lives, properties and countless resources.  It goes without saying that this movement is nothing more than a repeated reproduction of similar attempts that flourished in the fifties of the last century, but later on vanished with the advent of the Eritrean Revolution for Independence.

Eritrea’s National Independence and Sovereignty is a final and irrevocable decision. It was confirmed through the blood of martyrs in the course of the Liberation Struggle which began in 1961 and was successfully culminated in the decisive military victory on May 25, 1991, nevertheless, the national sovereignty and independence of Eritrea was legally affirmed through free Popular Referendum that was held during the period 23-25 ​​April 1993 under the supervision of the UN Observer Mission that was established pursuant to General Assembly resolution 47/114 of 16 December 1992, which resulted in 99.83% in favor of the complete and unconditional independence of the State of Eritrea. However, the unpopular policies of the Eritrean regime of Isaias Afwerki have failed in all aspects and had made it possible for such parasitic political behaviors and apostasy movements to show up unashamedly and yet flourish.

Playing the “unity and integration” with Ethiopia card will never bring peace and security to the peoples of the two countries, in the contrary, it is a readymade recipe to restarting the machine of war, death and destruction to the peoples of the two countries. We, The Eritrean Federalist Democratic Party (EFDP), would reiterate that betting on the isolated elements of the Apostasy Movement is a surely losing political gambling, rather a desperate whirl against the tide of history; accordingly, We call upon all capable concerned actors to take serious and resolute actions to prevent these elements from moving forward hauling the peaceful peoples of the two countries in this dark road. We particularly call upon the Ethiopian Government represented by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali to adopt a crystal clear position as regards their respect for the sovereignty and independence of Eritrea in light of the ambiguity created by recent uncertain attitudes , especially the negative indication that resulted from the presence of Former Head of State Girma Wolde-Giorgis who have attended a meeting calling for “unity between the two peoples” that was held in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa recently, a gesture which surely inflames bitter feelings among the Eritrean people.

We, at the Eritrean Federalist Democratic Party are firmly committed to the culture of peace, reconciliation, friendship and economic cooperation between neighboring States and peoples, however. The conceptual framework within which such values are achieved are solely through straightforward cooperation based on the concept of Sovereign Equality of States as enshrined on the International Law, and Not in any way through seeking the sympathy of elitist elements that are separated from reality. As we say that, we confidently believe that the Eritrean people share the same understanding and same position with us in this respect.

The Eritrean Federalist Democratic Party (EFDP) denounces the recent apostasy movements and turncoat political trends. It calls upon all Eritrean political organizations, civil society groups, human and people’s rights advocates  and grassroots forces to take a united stand against this vicious attack and existential challenges that aim at tarnishing our national independence, we call upon all parties to work out the necessary mechanisms to confront and deter the desperate apostasy attempts with utmost resolute. The stabs of betray to the blood of the martyrs and the attempts to compromise the Eritrean national independence is an ill-advised jeopardy doomed to failure, we are strongly convinced that the current political situation coupled with the existential challenges facing our country and people are similar to those situations and challenges which led to the evolving of the triumphant Eritrean National Liberation Revolution.

Long live our free and independent Eritrea, peace and prosperity to all the peoples of the Horn of Africa.

The Eritrean Federalist Democratic Party

Executive Committee

03  May, 2018

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