EFDP-Political Program

EFDP-Political Program


The Eritrean people is confronting an unprecedented challenge at the present juncture of its history, transforming from the current era of absolute centralized dictatorship to democratic pluralistic federal democratic governance. More than a quarter of a century after the realization of the dream of national independence, as Eritrea was declared an independent state on 24 May 1993, The Eritrean people again face challenges in terms of their ability to continue in an independent, democratic and unified state. These challenges are clearly manifested in negative political phenomena led by the rise of narrow-nationalist trends and political groups of narrow-nationalist nature, marred by the ever-stuttering of opposition political organizations and forces, In addition to the emergence of groups of ethnic, cultural and religious extremism accompanied by a wave of declared threats to exterminate or displace the indigenous peoples without regard to the foundations on which the idea of ​​an independent Eritrean state was based and the sacrifices made by the Eritrean people in their diverse cultures, religions and territories In order to preserve their independent national identity and guarantee their rights, freedoms, diversity, and economic, political and social development, the Ignition of sectarian and religious quarrels is a natural secretion of the absence of the role of National government committed to the maintenance of the rights of all its citizens on the basis of the right of citizenship, regardless of their cultural, geographical, religious and ethnic backgrounds.

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